Summer Equipment Ltd.

Dear Chris,

This is just a note to let you know how pleased Marina & I are with the work you have done on our 1967 Corvette.

Watching your work has made it easy to understand why Josie and Irv are so very proud of you. Your knowledge of your selected trade and the finished product demonstrate your ability.

We both want you to know that we would be pleased to recommend you highly to anyone who asks.

Thanks again for all your help.
Ian D. Bailey

Money Concepts - Group Capital Corp.

Dear Irv,

I thought it appropriate to send you a quick note of thanks for the several times that West Coast has looked after my suspension repairs.

In 1993 your staff did a complete suspension refit to my 1984 Chrysler - same day service, fair price as quoted and faultless workmanship. To this day the system is still perfect.

Earlier this year, your high performance specialist installed custom front springs in my modified, show quality 1965 Pontiac convertible. I was very exacting in my installed height and spring rate requirements and your team did just right - first time - no comebacks, no delays, fair price. The workmanship was and is still perfect! Well done, West Coast.

Just last Saturday while driving my restored '56 Chevy Nomad, I was forced into the curb by an inattentive driver. This terrifying experience tore out my idler arm requiring a tow in for repairs. Naturally, West Coast was my first thought. Being Saturday, your shop was closed and I had a major security concern about storing that classic vehicle over the weekend on your open lot.

Fortunately, you happened to stop by the shop later that day, found my car and my note and pushed the car inside to safety. You promptly called me at home to assure me the vehicle was secure. Moreover, by Monday afternoon, you and Gord had located and modified the parts necessary to get me back on the road safely and economically, same-day service even with obsolete and incomplete parts! That's performance, Irv, beyond the call of duty.

Other ARA members I associate with place your shop, service, and quality reputation as second to none. I agree. West Coast is my number one referral facility for frame, alignment, and suspension repair.

Yours Truly,
Peter B. Lefeaux, BA, CFP

Wallace S. Bradley

For all the work West Coast did to align the front wheels of my Ford F150, I felt compelled to write and say thanks for your efforts.

Service the old fashioned way has all but disappeared in Vancouver. Any business that operates on the same customer service principles as yours will endure for generations to come.

Thanks again.
Wallace S. Bradley

Len Beaty

This is to express my appreciation for taking care of a problem I had last Monday with the defective drive shaft in my Dodge Caravan. You and Garth at Varsity Automotive handled this in a very professional way. I liked the way you fixed the problem and asked questions later. It made me want to continue to patronize both shops.

Thank you,
Len Beaty

Automotive Retailers Association

Please find enclosed a copy of the letter we recently received from one of your very satisfied customers. I enjoy receiving letters like this from our member's customers because they help to raise the spirit of everyone involved by confirming that you are successful in doing what we all strive to do every day - help people with their cars.

Keep up the good work.
Lloyd Stamm

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Dear Sir,

I've also done plenty of business with West Coast Alignment during the past 30 years. Irv and Gordie run the best wheel alignment shop in the whole of BC.

They also have excellent employees, they do nothing but quality work, also I've never ever had any problems with their work, also this is another very well run shop when it comes to doing front end work and frame straightening.

Thank you!

Karen Lee Arnalt

I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your time and efforts in helping me resolve my car issue.

I believe you went the extra mile - although chances are West Coast Alignment didn't find it's way to the top for nothing. I know, had you done the complete job I would have felt safe & secure ~ and after the nightmare I've been through with this car ~ that says something.

Karen Lee Arnalt

Annette Soane

Thank you for sorting out my Rabbit Convertible! It drives so much better after the bearing and wheel alignment, and having a working hand-brake certainly helps living on the slopes of North Vancouver!

It was unfortunate that my seats got dirty but the way you and everyone else handled it made a potentially awkward situation easy and painless. I have now had my seats cleaned and they look great!

I will be back when I have saved enough money for my shocks! Thanks again for your help.

Annette Soane